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Your Ingenious Business Idea

Some innovative machinery

So, you've got this flash of inspiration to build up this new business or to further develop your existing one. Therein lies a great potential to impress your customers. Presumably you will need some automation or computing to realize your very ideas.

As no fitting off-the-shelf solution can be found, a unique made-to-measure solution has to be developed:

  • You need to register and organize your subjects – and never loose the overview to your processes.
  • You need to enable your employees to work in an distributed environment – including mobile devices.
  • You need to interact with sensors and actuators – nowadays called the IoT (Internet of Things).
  • You need to provide some pleasant online interaction for your customers – don't fail to meet their big expectations.
  • You need to to be able to rely on the flexibility of your system, to extend and adapt in the future – you requirements will evolve for sure.

The Brownfield Situation

Danger to come

Your workflow relies on some aged software – maybe it is made up out of a pile of MS Excel sheets, glued together with a bunch of macros, maybe you have an intranet-application that works „best“ (i.e. „solely“) with some archaic version of Internet Explorer.

This performed reasonably well back then, but sooner or later some problems will happen to appear with this sort of system:

  • It doesn't scale as required – as your business grows, that whole system tends to get slow and unreliable.
  • It may not work satisfying in a distributed setting – providing current data your branch office is hardly achievable. Accessibility from your mobile device will be next to impossible.
  • It turns out to be to be poorly expandable or even serviceable – nobody dares to touch this beast, anyways.
  • It may rely on some other outdated software or even hardware – virtualization may help for some time in that situation, but there are limits. Furthermore, this also brings exploitable security risks with it.
  • It might just expose improper ugliness – customers and staff have got rather demanding nowadays, so that retro impression of your interfaces and documents might not be appreciated.